Sqwerl - MSA (REV K) Programmer

If you're looking for the easy way to program Highly Liquid's MSA Rev K MSA Midi Decoder boards, look no further than Sqwerl…This update covers the new MSA version 3.2 firmware.

The Software - Sqwerl

Unless you really get off on hand coding the SYSEX messages that are used to program the MSA series of MIDI decoders, software is the way to do it. Unfortunately, there is only a "Text to SYX" converter at Highly Liquid so you are still faced with bit twiddling on your own.

When Highly Liquid released the new generation of MSA MIDI Decoders and included all kinds of great functionality, Moose (for the old MSA's) needed to more than just "updated". He needed a partner. Enter Sqwerl.

Programming the new MSA with Sqwerl is as easy as falling off a log (not recommended) and not nearly as dangerous. Connect the IN and OUT of your MIDI interface to the MSA, select the interface in Sqwerl, click the SCAN button. When Sqwerl finds an MSA it'll load all the information from it.

You can then program the MSA in either individual output or preset output. Click a button to send the SYSEX back to the MSA, use the TEST buttons in Sqwerl to check it and you're done.

Sqwerl Software Legal Information

Sqwerl is provided as freeware for use by any Mac or Windows user. There is no adware, nagware messages or anything nefarious buried within the software. It is in full working condition with no strings attached.

It may NOT be distributed on CD or other media without express permission from me. It may not be co-hosted on other web sites without permission.

As freeware, keep in mind there is little to zero support. If you've got a "mixed pickle" MIDI interface and Sqwerl can't find it or it doesn't work, well, sorry. I can't afford to buy every MIDI interface to test with. I do know that it works just fine with a M-Audio UNO and MidiSport 8x8's. That said, if there are obvious bugs, I will do my best to squash those.

System Requirements

Macintosh OS X 10.4 or newer - Midi Interface - Highly Liquid MSA Rev K decoder
Windows - Win2000 or newer - Midi Interface - Highly Liquid MSA Rev K decoder

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