Moose - MSA Programmer

One of the fun things about being "Geek" is that you get to build a lot of cool control devices. Like this recording light I made for my recording studio that changes colour depending on the state of the DAW. I.e. recording, playback, pause, etc. The sign is a piece of etched acrylic that I had an eBay seller make for me (8x10). I used LED strip lighting and put in red, blue, green, white and yellow LED's. The controller is a MIDI relay decoder from Highly Liquid.


The Software - Moose

Unless you really get off on hand coding the SYSEX messages that are used to program the MSA series of MIDI decoders, software is the way to do it. Unfortunately, there is only a "Text to SYX" converter at Highly Liquid so you are still faced with bit twiddling on your own.

Or rather, you were. See the first paragraph? I'm the geek. I spent some time writing the software for the Mac and then thought I'd try my hand at writing it for Windows. It's been a long time since I wrote Windows software.

I guess you could call this Moose-Ware in a way. It allows you to select a MIDI interface, and then program the eight separate sections in the MSA to do your bidding. Click a button to send the SYSEX message to the MSA, use the TEST buttons in the interface to check it and you're done.

Moose Software Legal Information

Moose is provided as freeware for use by any Mac or Windows user. There is no adware, nagware messages or anything nefarious buried within the software. It is in full working condition with no strings attached.

It may NOT be distributed on CD or other media without express permission from me. It may not be co-hosted on other web sites without permission.

If you feel you simply "MUST" pay for it, email me (use the contact link) and I'll give you my Paypal address to send the money to and I promise to spend it at Starbucks. Have to stay awake to write software you know...:-)

As freeware, keep in mind there is little to zero support. If you've got a "mixed pickle" MIDI interface and Moose can't find it or it doesn't work, well, sorry. I can't afford to buy every MIDI interface to test with. I do know that it works just fine with a M-Audio UNO and MidiSport 8x8's. That said, if there are obvious bugs, I will do my best to squash those.

System Requirements

Macintosh OS X 10.4 or newer - Midi Interface - Highly Liquid MSA decoder
Windows - Win2000 or newer - Midi Interface - Highly Liquid MSA decoder

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