With the iVAMP software for OS X and a Behringer V-AMP 2 / V-AMP Pro / Bass V-AMP / Bass V-AMP Pro or the newer V-AMP 3, you have an easy way of controlling your V-AMP via a simple MIDI connection. All controls operate in real-time so it doesn't matter if you make a control change on the V-AMP itself or within the software. You see and more importantly "hear" the changes immediately.

While live control is versatile for tweaking those tones in your V-AMP, the software would not be complete without a Tone Library function. Installing a tone in your V-AMP is as simple as dragging a tone from the Library and dropping it on the preset location you want it stored in.


  • Extensive iVAMP editor allows easy access to V-AMP settings
  • Print your V-AMP Preset list with amp model reference
  • Sort Library tone listings by name or by amp model
  • Backup V-AMP Presets in seconds (allows multple backups)
  • Restore V-AMP presets from any backup file
  • Supports both V-AMP and Bass V-AMP series (partial auto configure)
  • Send any Tone to the V-AMP for live "audition" without over writing a Preset
  • Use copy/paste to copy settings between Presets
  • Graphic icons show amps/cabs/stompboxes settings
  • Auto configuration of V-AMP's MIDI channel (not Port)
  • Manual or automatic version update checks
  • Group Tone Lists (create, comment, custom tone orders and more)
  • Access V-AMP's built-in Tuner
  • New program icon

System Requirements:

  • Macintosh OS X - 10.6 or newer, including Sierra
  • Behringer V-AMP 2, V-AMP Pro, V-AMPIRE, BASS V-AMP, BASS V-AMP Pro
  • Behringer V-AMP 3
  • Midi Interface (iConnectivity Recommended)
  • 1024 x 768 display


Note: If you are using a new M-Audio UNO interface and found that iVAMP is not detecting your V-AMP correctly, there is some problems with the UNO's that you can read about here: UNO Interface


Note: the demo has a limited feature set and is limited to ten minutes of operation at a time.

When you register, all limits are removed.

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