Project Track

Project Track for OS X - Version 1.7.6

While there are many programs one can use for bug, customer and developemental tracking, they tend to be overkill for my rather simple needs. Project Track came about because I still need to keep notes on my projects as I write them but I wanted just a little bit more.


Project Track is designed to hold more than one project but you can use it for a single project if you need to. Each of the projects in the database has four sub-databases attached to it. One for bug, customer and development note, and an eMail log.


  • Simple and easy to use and maintain
  • Handle multiple projects in one database
  • Display all Open, Closed or Fixed bugs in a Project
  • Easily track customers and their registration numbers
  • eMail directly from Project Track to specific or ALL customers
  • Custom eMail templates for boilerplating email messages
  • Export development notes to Clipboard, HTML file or FTP directly to a server
  • Use RBScript to create serial numbers during customer entry
  • Extensive FIND for database searching
  • Sort main project list
  • Color Project Names
  • Synchronize databases between Project Track applications on a local network
  • Create your own custom target platform list
  • Sync'd databases are sorted by entry
  • Expanded BUG list with custom colors
  • Auto-check for program updates
  • Customize Status Labels (with color)
  • Customize Target Platforms or OS's
  • Customize Bug Types
  • Customer Serial# pick from external file
  • Better external email support for templates
  • eMail address fixer for customer entry
  • Universal Binary for Macintosh

Help Available

Help menu in Project Track explains all of the options available plus how to set up your own custom email templates from any TEXT editor like BBEdit.

Project Track is freeware from Wabbit Wanch Design. Copyright 2004/2005/2006/2007/2008. All Rights Reserved

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